Welcome to Jill Rockwell Metal & Bead Arts in Victoria, BC

Welcome to Jill Rockwell Metal & Bead Arts in Victoria, BC
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Viking Knit

Here are my latest students from the weekend's viking knit class: Lucy and Heather,  showing off the beautiful bracelets they made!    Lucy wrote:
A note of Thanks!!!  for your fabulous jewellery instruction yesterday in Viking Knit..... it was better than my highest hopes!!  Jill, you make the learning easy and most definitely lots of fun as well, your passion and kind heart shines through.   I am so thrilled with my Silver Viking Knit Bracelet and can't wait to get started creating more.  I can't wait to take many more of your jewellery 'playshops'.


Ralph Lucy said...

Ciao Jill,
That's fun to see us on your blog! Friends I have shown my Viking Knit Bracelet to are 'wowed!' and not easily impressed people. Such an ancient method filled with such complex beauty, my Mom is going to love it.... she's Viking.
I just placed my first order with Imperial Smelting in Markham and they are a tremendous source for wire, Thanks for everything!
Lucy - Tribal Stones Jewellery - Nanaimo

Riki Schumacher said...

Great job Jill, they look very happy with their pieces. Hugs, Riki

Linda Edmond said...

Hi Jill
This is my 3rd attempt to send you some words--arg the computer!

Welcome back from Italy. i really need to book your 'studio' before i forget how to work with metal.

See you at the Divinci centre

Linda Edmond