Welcome to Jill Rockwell Metal & Bead Arts in Victoria, BC

Welcome to Jill Rockwell Metal & Bead Arts in Victoria, BC
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Looking Up - 2011

The first thing I've done this year is take a trip to Washington to buy some class supplies at Pouncing Rain Jewelry and Metal Working Center.  (Okay,  I also went to the spa!)
My biggest challenge of the year is going to be the price of silver,  which has skyrocketed.  More than likely I will have to raise the prices of classes later this year,  so if you were considering taking one, sooner is better than later to schedule. 
I'm having interesting classes at the moment,  with students from as far as Washington state and Montreal having come into Victoria this month and making that part of their schedule.
While in Washington I had a terrific visit with my dear friend Kathleen,  who owns Pouncing Rain.  One topic we touched on was Copprclay,  the PMC version of copper clay.  I have no consistent results and was interested to discover that they have also discontinued their classes for that reason.  It just does not fire well,  no matter how careful you are.  I follow instructions to the letter,  yet 50% of the time,  the pieces are like a ceramic in the center.  It's disappointing,  and I have wasted enough time on it!

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Pouncing Rain Blog said...

Love you girl. Keep up the good work.