Welcome to Jill Rockwell Metal & Bead Arts in Victoria, BC

Welcome to Jill Rockwell Metal & Bead Arts in Victoria, BC
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Upcoming Classes/Travel Plans

My class schedule will be briefly interrupted by a trip to Florida.  I know how you pity me.  I had planned to show at the Gasparilla Art Show,  but doesn't look like that is going to happen....meanwhile I am here stressing madly over all my 2011 applications.  Fingers crossed!

 On the schedule: Viking Knit on Wed the 9th from 1:00 to 4:00
 However I will need to hear from you immediately if you want to join this class.

 I am going to have more students wanting to do the metalworking this summer (May to Oct only,  and one weekend a month only) than I can accommodate.  My advice to you is to click on as a follower of my blog (upper left) and you will be notified when I post.  The day I open registration,  it is usually filled as I can take ONLY 4 students at a time (it is just so much work and skill,  I have to be readily available to help everyone in the workshop).  You'll see I've posted and can get back to me quickly to register.

 Here's what it includes:  etching, tool competence, connections (solder and cold joins),  resin, torch use, patina and texture making, sawing, rivets, grommets, flood soldering, and if time permits,  enamel demo and formfolding.  I use the easiest methods of all to do each process so you can add skills with confidence.  We work outdoors,  but we can take it!  We're artists committed to our work!
This workshop is process oriented,  not project oriented.  In other words,  you will create your own projects with the components you make yourself.  The cost is $375 for the weekend.  I send you a waiver and you return it with a 50% payment of $187.50  About 2 weeks before class I ask you to send the remaining payment.  You will be supplied with connection materials, tools, torch time, copper and brass.  Its a lot of work,  but so far it is the most popular workshop I hold.  

 Come fall,  I will be designing a couple of project oriented classes for INDOORS.  I'll even turn on the heat!  

Now find that link and follow my blog so you can be in the know early!
 p.s. I'll be thinking of ALL of you while sipping wine by the lake in Sharlene's gazebo!

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Wendy said...

Well, all I can tell you is if it is because the judges didn't pick you don't feel bad. I live here and I went to it last year(Gaspirilla art show) and the showing of the jewelry artists was not good. There are some better art shows here including Winter Park, Mt. Dora, and the Dunedin show in November, first weekend, Art Harvest.