Welcome to Jill Rockwell Metal & Bead Arts in Victoria, BC

Welcome to Jill Rockwell Metal & Bead Arts in Victoria, BC
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Values of Membership

I have regular contact with so many folks who are creative and want to be part of the artisan world,  yet so few are members of an active arts & crafts association.
As the membership secretary and Vice President of Island Artisan's Association,
I encourage ALL my students to consider joining this group.  You need not yet be in a position to feel ready to participate in shows,  or you may just want information,  but being an active member of an arts group will kick start your creative efforts to go further.  
Membership is only $30 a year,  and you are not required to come to meetings,  and not even expected to,  if you live in a distant town on the island.  Nevertheless,  you can participate in our ongoing Yahoo group discussions,  on any subject you need help with,  from any member.
We also have a subsidized professional photo session each spring,  photos you can use for applications, cards, banners,  etc.  
We will be offering a discounted rate for members to get business insurance coverage.  A professional is coming to speak to us on April 4 at the monthly meeting.
We offer advice on credit acceptance,  show displays, wholesaling, and more.
We have a well attended Christmas Show and Spring Wholesale Show,  and are considering another large show during the year. 
As a group,  we are always exploring market possibilities.

Just in general to be "in the loop"consider joining Island Artisans and becoming more informed about arts and crafts on Vancouver Island.

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Avery said...

I'm pretty sure many aspiring entrepreneurs joined this awesome group. Participating in events like this is a great way to meet a lot of people. That can help make your business more profitable. Plus, you'll get tons of freebies!

-Avery Gerner